Tales of Viridia

Gala's Journal - Entry 1



In this journal I shall record the exploits of myself and my companions, brought together from different backgrounds through either some strange divine ploy or perhaps sheer chance.

My four companions come from such different places but all were equal when I met them. First there is a dwarf, Durina; a merchant it seems, with a strong voice to match her personality. Then there is Flynnigan; the rather hapless halfling druid with a heart of gold. Of the shrewd and cunning human Aref I know very little other than his penchant for crossbows. Lastly there is Namira; the newest member of our group, another dwarf more skilled with her axe than her words.

We met as captives of the Red Hand, working as slaves in the Ironhills mining camp . We were captive for weeks but that has changed; last night we escaped.

The Escape

One evening, several weeks into our imprisonment we decided that it was time we left. We had observed the guards and were confident we could gain the upper hand. Durina and Namira created a disturbance in our cabin, which housed nearly sixty slaves, to draw our cabin guards inside. We killed our captors, removed our shackles and rallied the other slaves.

We stormed the armoury to recover our equipment; a task made easier when Durina blasted its guards into oblivion. Our weapons secured we made for the master’s cabin to confront our captor: Lethhonel.

We stormed Lethhonel’s cabin and dispatched her guards. Taking down Lethhonel was a harder task. A blast from her magic rendered me unconscious during most of the fight. My time with the Sentinels has clearly not prepared me for dealing with magic. When I awoke, Lethhonel was unconscious and her wounds stabilised. We bound and gagged her and found evidence of further Red Hand activities and connections with a merchant group.

For now we will stay here. Tomorrow we will interrogate our captor before setting out on our adventure together.


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