Tales of Viridia

Session 1

Breakout from Ironhills Camp

Tired of their current plight, the five adventurers began planning their escape from the Ironhills camp. They settled upon the idea of starting a riot among the slaves, hoping they would overpower the guards while the group recovered their belongings and escaped.

Starting by luring and dispatching the guards of their cabin, the group used this show if strength and Durina’s persuasive skills to incite the riot. The other slaves were suitably impressed by the plan and soon the whole camp was in chaos.

The adventurers reached the barracks and quickly dispatched the handful of guards that were still gearing up. They re-equipped themselves with their gear and decided to confront the master of the camp to get some answers.

The master, Lethhonel, was not going to go quietly. She and her personal guard put up a good fight, even knocking Gala unconscious with a blast of magic, but the party prevailed. Despite almost killing her, they managed to take Lethhonel alive, but unconscious.

In her office they found a number of letters indicating links between the Red Hand Mercenaries running this camp, and a merchant group called the Emerald Circle. Another letter mentioned a fresh shipment of slaves due at the camp in a week. They also found a number of local maps marked with what appear to be more Red Hand operations in the area.

With the fighting done and the slaves gone (besides a few other looters), the party make ready to rest for the night in Lethhonel’s cabin.


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