The Elemental Chaos contains all things. It is the realm in which the Elemental Gods exist, an ocean of raw power. The four elements of fire, water, earth and air exist together in a quartered circle, fire opposite water, earth opposite air. Each quarter is that God’s realm.

The Material Plane exists at a point in which all eight elemental forces have converged and combined. Fresh surges of elemental energy impacting the world cause great events to occur.

The Gods/realms of Light and Dark exist outside of the Material Plane and the other elemental realms. They chase each other across the sky creating day and night.

Little is known about the Gods/realms of Life and Death.Their influence is felt in the Material Plane, but the positions of their realms in the universe is as yet unclear.

Around the Material Plane exists the Astral Sea. It is a bubble of magical forces and energies surrounding the Material Plane. Surges from the Elemental Chaos hit more strongly here before passing through to the Material Plane. However, the Divine Gods can create their own pocket realms within the Astral Sea which can be protected from these surges.


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