Divine Gods

The Divine Gods are an ever-changing pantheon (relatively speaking – change for them happens on a cosmic scale rather than a mortal scale). They were once mortals who through some circumstance have managed to ascend to a form of godhood, finding a way to achieve immortality and enough power to leave the Material Plane of their own accord. Many have created their own dimensional realms in the Astral Sea over which they rule, and from which their influence can be spread into the natural realm.

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of known Divines, varying wildly in power. Many are worshipped by only one race or culture in some far off corner of the world. Those who have wider influence generally have greater power, being able to draw upon the strength of belief of mortals. Many have faded into obscurity, orphaned gods of dead cultures who, while still powerful beings by mortal standards, cannot compare to those whose prayers are still spoken.

Their dealings with the mortal realms are also varied. Some are content within their home in the Astral Sea, others actively manipulate mortals from afar or even intervene directly in mortal affairs. Crossing the boundary between the Astral Sea and the Material Plane is extremely taxing, however. Only those gods strengthened by the belief of many followers can do so, and outside of their home their powers are greatly reduced (although still far above all but the most powerful mortals). Transferring servants and other mortals between the planes is significantly easier, so this is generally the preferred option when the gods want to intervene in a physical manner. Communication and projection between the two planes are even easier than that, and are therefore the more common interaction with the Divines.

The most widely known Divine Gods are as follows:

Ayailla: Goddess of Healing, Mercy, Charity
Bahamut: God of Order, Justice
Bane: God of Tyranny, Domination, Fear
Bhaal: God of Murder, Suffering, Pain
Corallon: God of Festivities, Celebration, Song, Dance
Cyndor: God of Time, Past, Future, Fate, Destiny
Dorros: Gnome God of Science, Invention
Ehlonna: Goddess of Forests
Erathis: Goddess of Civilisation
Estanna: Halfling Goddess of Home, Family, Community
Gond: Dwarven God of Arts and Crafts
Gruumsh: Orcish God of War, Strength, Destruction
Helm: God of Protection, Self-Sacrifice
Lastai: Goddess of Love, Passion, Romance
Lolth: Drow Goddess of Deception, Secrets
Myrkul: God of Undeath, Necromancy, Decay
Oghma: God of Knowledge, Learning
Shiassen: Goddess of Snakes, Poison, Assassins, Stealth
Tiamat: Goddess of Greed, Wealth, Queen of Dragons
Tymora: Goddess of Luck, Fortune
Ureska: Wild God, God of Beasts, Hunting, Lycanthropes
Valarian: Goddess of Nature, The Wild
Waukeen: Goddess of Trade, Merchants

Divine Gods

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